Current Projects

Hugh is currently teaching Dramatic Literature, Dramatic Theory & Criticism, Shakespeare, and Acting II: Scene Study and Acting Shakespeare in the Spring 2023 Semester for Athens State University,

Hugh is directing:

The Athenian Players Spring 2023 production of  the world premiere of Crystal Skillman’s The Rocket Men, running April 20th – 23rd in the Studio Theatre of the Alabama Center for the Arts.

The Rocket Men ACA Auditions 1597x1080 ver 2

Set in Huntsville, Alabama, taking us from the fifties to the seventies; a diverse cast portrays our Rocket Men as we follow the dynamic relationship of Wernher von Braun and young German rocketeer Heinz-Hermann Koelle, who joined the “Operation Paperclip” team several years later. These two have set their sights on Apollo’s success in space exploration and colonization beyond the moon. Still, as the play counts down, we experience the haunting cost of their scientific advancements … their rockets are forever tied to the Jewish laborers who were forced to construct the original V-2 rockets our space shuttles are based on.