Dr. Hugh K. Long is the Associate Professor of Drama & English and the Artistic Director of the Athenian Players at Athens State University. Since moving to Alabama in 2012, Hugh has directed thirty-one plays with the Athenian Players, such as Log Cabin, The Glass Menagerie, Picnic, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Geek!, The Fantastiks, and Something Rotten!. Hugh’s teaching subjects cover a broad range of topics such as Modern European and American Theatre, Early Modern Dramatic Literature, Classical Greek Tragedy, Post-Colonial Theatre, and Dramatic Theory. Previously, Hugh taught at Tufts University, Eastern Connecticut State University, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Dean College, and Northern Essex Community College. Hugh holds a PhD in Drama from Tufts University, an MA in Theatre Arts from CSUN, and a BFA in Acting from NYU. His research interests center on the historical application of theatrical violence in early modern English and Spanish Theatre and Performance Practices, Physical Approaches to Acting Pedagogy, and the development of Modern American Drama.

As a Theatre Artist, Hugh feels that art is best when developed, created, and experienced by the entire community. For Hugh, “Theatre by its very nature is a communal art that requires a multitude of artists to gather, contribute their unique perspective and specialty, to build something greater than a single individual.” With the Athenian Players, Hugh has put this concept into practice by creating a comprehensive collegiate theatre program within the supportive structure of Athens State University at the Alabama Center for the Arts.

Dr. Hugh K. Long